How To Increase Your Mobile Marketing Strategy?

There’s no excuse: if mobile is not at the heart of your digital marketing strategy, it’s time to adapt or die. In 2015, Google revealed that mobile traffic had been overtaken by desktop traffic for the first time, and this gap has only continued to increase. In order to ensure that your digital marketing campaign continues to thrive, implementing a mobile marketing strategy is important.

Adapting your advertising tactics for mobile means simply defining the key elements of your marketing efforts and introducing them to your users ‘ mobile devices.

  • The demand for mobile apps has reached maturity and consumers are more than ready for digital advertising. So, so that you can fully understand and integrate this into your approach, let’s take a look at what mobile marketing is, what resources it uses, and how you can use it to maximize conversions.
  • Mobile advertising is a collection of methods and formats for promoting products and services that use mobile devices as their communication tools.Its big advantage is that it opens a personal channel between the advertiser and their audience, offering a world of personalized options.
  • Over the past years, the popularization of smartphones has completely changed the way we access information, and, along with it, our consumption behavior. Thanks to this, a new way of looking at marketing has come about, to the point where many authors even believe that mobile advertising implies a whole change of paradigm, rather than just an update.
  • Only a few years ago, mobile advertising was seen as a supplement to other digital marketing that targeted desktop users. Nowadays, though, this pattern has turned upside down, and there is no denying that mobile is the king.
  • Looking at IAB’s information on the value of mobile advertising gives us an idea of the significance of this format: the average daily time spent online is 2 hours and 34 minutes for smartphones and 1h 19 m for tablets. On an average, mobile users download 2 applications a month, have 17.8 already installed and use 9.1 on a regular basis.
  • One in every three mobile users often use their phone as a “second screen” in conjunction with television. 9 out of every 10 smartphone users used it at some point in the purchase process (especially those between 16 and 45 years of age).4 in every 10 of them used mobile commerce.The most common issues people have with mobile purchases are that they would prefer a larger screen (61 percent) or a lack of trust (33 percent).

Digital Technology Institute Helps TO Know About Mobile Marketing?

Statistics show that mobile advertising is clearly more than capable of giving the brand the extra push it needs  nowadays, consumers communicate more often from their smartphones than from their desktops. According to Google, 2015 was the first year that mobile traffic outnumbered desktop traffic, and this phenomenon has become much more than a trend. In the United States, 75.1 percent of Internet users connect to their mobile devices.

  • The advantage of digital advertising is how easy it is to convert. By using smartphones, we can reach out to consumers in real-time, and when they’re out of their homes when they’re most willing to buy.
  •  According to one of Google’s studies, 50 percent of users who searched their smartphones locally-led them to take action (like going to a store, for example). As far as users who searched from a laptop were concerned, only 39 percent of them were guided to take action.
  • Most consumers search for holiday events and gift ideas from their smartphones, making mobile marketing a very attractive channel for your holiday campaigns. This is a particularly good choice for small and local businesses, as it will be of benefit to consumers to know where they can buy products or services in their vicinity.
  • According to the National Retail Federation’s Holiday 2016 survey, American consumers are planning to spend an average of $935 during this year’s holiday shopping season, making it one of the best opportunities for your campaigns and marketing efforts.

Mobile marketing is one of the best tool to be used in future as most of the audience is dependent on it. These days people can’t survive without mobile and as part of being marketing professional. Thus, it makes it essential to target audience which are using mobile . These strategies will help through with your mobile marketing journey.

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