How To Setup Mobile Advertising for Email?

According to Survey 57 percent of emails opened on mobile platforms and 69 percent of mobile users deleting emails that are not phone-optimized, it is clear that your audience is engaged in mobile device email marketing campaigns.

Most of email advertising user will operate responsive design — a strategy that automatically formats web page content for optimum viewing on any device — but some key considerations are still in mind when designing email CTAs for mobile users:


•        Early position the CTA in the message (whenever possible above the fold).

•        Make at least 44×44 pixel keys, making them easy to “press.”

Email transmissions must maximize what is shown in the phone inbox — “To” fields with a total of 23 characters and subject lines with 38 characters.

Those landing pages, actually, don’t forget. If your email is mobile-friendly, but the click-through goes to a mobile-free landing page, the user will likely get irritated and bounce off the website.

•        Having a special email campaign landing page is a great way for the app client to be configured. Additionally, a customizable landing page allows you to create a variety of metrics to help monitor the campaign’s mobile progress.

When creating this special, mobile-friendly landing page, here are a few things to remember:

•        Remember that readers pick objects using their hands. Using pronounced photo buttons to simplify the interface.

•        Hold small shapes. The less fields there are, the better.

•        Make sure that your images can be re-sized for various devices.

•        Verify that the page looks vertically as good as it looks.

Advantages of Email Marketing Shared By Digital Technology Institute

For several reasons, email marketing is popular with businesses:

  • Email marketing is much cheaper and faster than conventional mail, mostly because the sender is responsible for most of the expense via email.
  • Businesses and organizations that send a large volume of emails can use an ESP (email service provider) to collect information about the recipient’s behavior. The insights provided by customer reaction to email marketing enable companies and organizations to understand and exploit consumer behaviour.
  • Nearly half of American Internet users search and respond a typical day, with emails sent between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. local time outperforming those sent in open and click rates at other times.


  • Delivery of email is still an issue for legitimate marketers as of mid-2016. Legitimate email servers in the U.S. had a distribution rate of 73 percent, according to the report; six percent were filtered as spam, and 22 percent were unavailable. This is behind other countries: Australia accounts for 90%, Canada for 89%, Britain for 88%, France for 84%, Germany for 80% and Brazil for 79%.
  • Furthermore, consumers receive about 90 emails per day on average.
  • Companies considering using an email marketing program must ensure that their program does not infringe spam laws such as the U.S. Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act (CAN-SPAM), the 2003 European Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, or the acceptable use policy of their Internet service provider.


“According to my opinion it’s a great method to promote your business without any cost. It is also best option for lead generation for your company and help in brand awareness.”

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