How To Promote Our App ?

Nowadays, merely publishing the app with unique features and amazing layout is not enough with the availability of millions of applications. App developers face the challenge of meeting the customers and making them download the app.

Now, because of the increasing competition, it’s hard to reach people to grow your business. I’m here to tell you the best way to promote your request in order to solve this question.

The Best Strategies Shared By Digital Technology Institute | 7 Best Way To Promote your App ;-

1.   Buzz beforehand the app launch

 Before its release, you should start creating buzz around your app to ensure it doesn’t vanish among hundreds of apps. In addition, increasing interest in advance would lead to more downloads when your app is launched.

2.   Create a Teaser Video

 You can create a teasing video to promote your app, highlighting your app’s features and mentioning the situations that make life easier for the user.

3.   Have good first impression

As said first impression is last impression, the first thing your customer will see depends on your company. Every little detail about your app-icon, definition, screenshots, etc. is relevant and should catch the attention of the consumer. 

4.   Invite users to be part of your mailing list

The most penny-pinching way to engage consumers with your app is to build a mailing list. This will help your client receive regular price notifications, offers and the latest news about your products.

5.   Use your mobile website

 One of the most effective ways to encourage the download of the app is to redirect your customers from the mobile site to the app whenever they visit.

6.   Engage through QR codes

QR codes, which is a form of 2D barcode, are another way you can access your device quickly and easily. Using QR codes connects with your marketing material. Users must point to the QR code for their phone, scan it, and link to the web page that you want to promote. 

7.   Use Social Media

Web users spend 30% of their time on social media sites (external link). Most of them use a mobile device to access social media, which means installing an app that catches their interest in their newsfeed will be easier for them.

You should depend on your target audience on the social media platforms you choose. You can also call this social media optimization.

The most popular social platforms are: –

  • Facebook,
  • Snapchat,
  • Instagram,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Pinterest,
  • Tumblr,

All of which have different user types; for example, if your app targets millennials, consider using Instagram and Snapchat, millennial platforms use the most; if you have a B2B app, promote your app on LinkedIn and Twitter, where you can find other businesses.

Nonetheless, for all platforms, the main concept for app promotion is the same: generate viral content, increase likes and subscribers, and spread the word about your product.

Compare free and paid approaches when talking about social media.

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